Farm & Cottage Moment...

Around the back of the cottage...

the puffballs watched as I walked past them

always must stop and snap their pictures

the flycatcher tilted his head to watch

and as always...parrots breakfasting on seeds high in the trees

my stop is at my potting table

I must stare at the flowers

and thank the Lord for giving us beauty to behold

under the eaves of the cottage...
a pair of finches are making an effort at building a nest

while one pair has sensibly succeeded at building theirs in the guava tree below

we have quite a few of this going on

with year round warmth and food to eat...
there is plenty opportunity to keep offspring coming

the pomegranates are growing, again

and the cherry trees are blooming

and have given us a new harvest of cherries with lots more to come

I checked on the pumpkins

I couldn't help noticing just how pretty this one looked...

all decked out with flowering weeds

"cinderella" pumpkin all ready for the ball

a pumpkin was ready for the picking

this one weighed in at 16.5 pounds

and, of course, a few cherries for breakfast

May your day, or night be filled with God's grace.