Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Epsom Salts...

Epsom salts first originated from a spring in Epsom, England

now, it is processed from springs in other places as well

touted as a health and beauty aid...
it is a mineral salt very high in magnesium...
a mineral sorely lacking in the typical modern diet due to industrial farming

the repercussions of industrial farming has brought about a drop by half...
the amount of magnesium needed in the human body for proper nutrition 

the American diet in particular speeds up depletion of magnesium in the body...
and most people who take calcium supplements don't know that magnesium is needed...
 for proper absorption of the calcium

magnesium deficiency can cause health problems, such as...
heart disease, strokes, osteoporosis, arthritis/joint pain, digestive maladies, chronic fatigue...
and is a nutrient sorely lacking in cases of autism

for more information on the health benefits of epsom salts, click on...

epsom salt is a great, natural fertilizer for the gardner
I use it in my potted plants as well

for potted plants, use 2 tablespoons of epsom salt in 1 gallon of water
for garden plants, sprinkle 2 teaspoons about 4 inches away from the plant...
circling the plant with the sprinkles 
to learn more on how to use it for your plants, click on...

May your day, or night be liberally sprinkled with God's grace.


  1. yes, we use it too....when Jason was experiencing pain before his back surgery, he soaked in it as well - it's wonderful joint pain reliever -

  2. Thank you for this valuable information and links to more info.


  3. This is cool. I read the health benefit link at saltworks and am picking up some today!

  4. Thanks, Jean, for this great info. on Epsom Salts! (Thanks, too, for dropping in at The Barnyard and saying hello!) I have been discovering all kinds of things to use Epsom Salts for, one being the great fertilizer for plants as you said, and that, when sprinkled around the plant, it is a great slug deterant also!
    I know that my grandma used it for all sorts of things so I'm sure it is a great thing to have been around and in use for so long!
    The little Mourning Dove is so precious!

  5. I'm going to check out the links you shared. I surely need to take care of my body better! ... and as I am gearing up for late summer/fall new garden I'll remember Epsom Salt, and better yet it isn't expensive.

    Blessing to you Jean :O)

  6. The wife takes baths with Epsom salts sometimes. I just get in the sea.

  7. My husband uses Epsom salts to help with back pain from a long commute. I sprinkle it in my garden and used it several years ago to help with a heat stressed dogwood. I added a cup of Epsom salts and several big squirts of liquid kelp to 5 gallons of water and mixed. I poured this around the tree every three weeks. The magnesium actually helps strengthen the cell wall, allowing it to function better and withstand stress. The recipe was given to me by a horticulturalist from the Botanic Gardens in DC, which is close to where I live. It worked wonders!!

    1. Thank you for this recipe, Casa Mariposa. It will help a lot of gardeners trying to save a plant in need.

  8. Thank you so much Jean, for always sharing your wealth of knowledge with the rest of us! I really do appreciate your blog!

  9. Jean, I was just reading everything within the links, and I am so thankful you shared this. I'll be instructing my daughter to start having 3 soaks a week, in an Epsom salt bath. I've known she's low in mg., but supplements don't seem to be enough. I thank God for you dear sister!

    Mrs. C