Friday, June 22, 2012

why I love my chickens

The Lord has graciously given us chickens for our homestead...
and we love having them

I never tire of watching them...
they are so entertaining

this is a little photo video of my chickens...
just for fun

I set the video to a song from the 1920s called, "You're The Cream In My Coffee"...
sung by Max Raabe with the Palast Orchestra...
ITune carries this song from where I got it

so, if you are inclined...
I hope you get a kick out of seeing my chickens "do their things"

May your day, or night be delightful in God's grace.


  1. Chickens are such characters! I'm amazed at your skill with a camera. It's not easy to capture such beautiful shots of chickens. My experience is that they move so quickly, it's hard to get just the right photo, but you've done a great job. Have you ever thought of producing a calendar and using your photos for each month of the year? I would buy one :-).

  2. I forgot to ask what breeds you have? Some type of Wyandottes? The colouring is beautiful.

    1. Brenda, thank you for your kind comments! If I felt my photos were good enough, I'd take your tempting suggestion on calendars. I wish I knew the exact breeds of the chickens. Here in Grenada, the chickens are heirlooms brought over from colonial days but, they interbreed pretty much as most of them are range free. In fact, most of the islanders don't bother with coops unless they are raising meat and egg producers. We got our chickens from a couple of people who had them running around their yards. I believe the hens are a Wyandotte and Welsummer mix and our main rooster may be a New Hampshire Red or from Welsummer stock. Our rescued egg farm hens may be Rhode Islands or another egg layer. Thanks for visiting and commenting! So appreciated!!

  3. From one chicken lover to precious! I so agree with you on the Lord gives! Every little chick that is hatched from being under his Momma's tummy for 21 days is a total absolute miracle. Never tire of it........and never will. Thank you for the sweetness made my day a little bit more special.

    Hugs from my farm to your homestead,

  4. Love all that you are doing! I love where you live as well, only wondering if you might share where you are or you could personally email me. My family and I are thinking of relocating and even considering moving out the U.S. I love the freedoms, and wonder at how much we have lost here. We are small market farmers and have lived off our farm for many years, feel that maybe we could be in a lovely place with land and grow food and do well! Thank you, Karen

    1. Karen, we live in Grenada in the Caribbean. You can find information on the web on the island. Just type "Grenada, West Indies" in your browser and it will bring up some sites for you to check out. Grenada is a beautiful island but, is not for everyone. If you do look into moving to another country, it's always best to check it out thoroughly, including visiting it. I understand many Americans (and Canadians) have been relocating to another country due to the loss of so many freedoms in the US or to find a more simple way of life. My husband and I have found that living very simply and without the burden of too much stuff goes a long way in helping to settle into another country without needing high finances, so checking out the cost of living in whatever country you are interested in is important. If you have any other questions concerning Grenada, you can email me at Thanks for visiting me and commenting!

  5. Hi Jean, I thoroughly enjoyed your video featuring your beautiful chickens. The little chicks are adorable. How nice that you don't have to pay for eggs, they're so expensive now. I'm always talking about the good old days when we had a mini farm because that is where I grew up and have such good memories. I have a funny memory of my Mom relying on me to gather the eggs because she had a fear of the hens. I have always loved almost all animals and was not afraid at all. Brenda from Canada had a good idea about the calendar. I would include all the interesting creatures on Pilgram's Farm especially the cute baby goats. It must be like living in the Garden of Eden on your beautiful island. The work must be hard but the rewards worth the effort. Thanks for sharing your most interesting way of life. --------------- Shannon

  6. I love chickens!! and you have some nice ladies there...were going to get some once we get more settled in the house I can't wait to build a coop ~thanks for sharing Enjoy your weekend Love Heather

  7. Oh, thank you! Love your chicken photos, especially the ones of the babies. That one where they are peaking through Mama's feathers, priceless!!! And the one where Mama is cuddled w/ her egg, so sweet!