Monday, June 11, 2012

Morning Glories....

In the mornings, when I wander through the yard around the cottage...

there is more often than not, something to carry a camera for

this wee one that grew up outside my bedroom window...

became a fledgling and I came upon it as I took a peek at the upcoming pineapples

sitting quietly, motionless, securely in the bush, waiting...

while mama...

and papa hover nearby...

carefully watching over and caring for their wee one...
while the wee one learns the ways of the bird world before it takes flight on it's own

don't you just love the wee one's downy "mohawk"?

the crepe ginger has finally bloomed

each flower takes it's time coming out

and shows just how lovely God can make a morning, glory in His creation

you can see why it is called a "crepe ginger"

and my little lizard friend...
who so sweetly watches over my pineapples...

May your day, or night be sweetly filled with God's grace.


  1. Your pictures take my breath away! We have such a creative Creator!

  2. Oh I noticed the little birdie's hair the atop of his head! teehee! Beautiful pictures and may your day or night be sweetly filled with God's grace:O)

  3. Jean..
    What gorgeous, pictures!!
    You have such wonderful things around your place to take pictures of......lucky you!!

    Love that crepe ginger flower.... stunning.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Smiles :)

  4. P.S. I like your new header photo, too. Very pretty!

  5. Fantastic photos...I love the mohawk hehe!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous shots! God is a God of variety, He enjoys such colors, shapes, and textures. Praise God!

  7. Who knew that Ginger had such a glorious flower!!
    Thanks for sharing that...just beautiful...reminds me of a Hibiscus flower..
    Thanks for visiting...

    Linda :o)