Monday, July 30, 2012

Green Banana Day...

While we wait for our bite size "baby bananas" to ripen...
my favorite bananas with their sweet, mild apple-like flavor...

our bigger banana species are ready for the market

they are picked while still green, but not too green, and will be used for cooking...
or allowed to ripen for eating as a snack

my husband cuts each hand from off a bunch

being careful not to cut or bruise them

we are picky about selling our bananas and want them in good condition for the customers

once each hand has been separated from the main branch...

they are hosed down to clean debris and any tiny critters hanging around on them

once they are dried, the bananas are then packed into the wagon and taken to market

with all the bananas we have on the farm...
I am thinking of making my own green banana flour

I will need a couple of very sunny days to dry the cooked and sliced green bananas in the sun...
then, ground into a flour with my grinder

hopefully, I can post how it's done at a later date

May the Lord bless your day, or night in His grace.


  1. Never thought about green banana flour! I hope you will post about making it!

  2. They sure are great looking bananas...
    I spent time in Jamaica in my youth, and was really surprised to see how bananas actually grow....great post, with perfect photos...

    Linda :o)

  3. Wow~ this was fascinating, Jean! I agree with Michelle... I hope you share with us how you make the banana flour!

    1. I hope to post about how to make banana flour in September. Anyone can do it, so stay tuned : )

  4. Hi, first of all thank you so much for coming and being a part of "getting to know each other a little bit better". I think it is helping us all feel like we are little more connected! Enjoyed getting to know about your story!

    These bananas are so beautiful. It would be interesting to know how you get up in the tree. I also am interested in how you will do the flour. It is healthier for you? Just wondering!

    Hugs from my farm to your farm sweet friend,

    1. Linda, we actually don't climb the banana trees. They usually grow low enough to use a cutless to cut down the whole bunch. I will have to show how my husband does that on another post. Also, green bananas are good for you and the flour is a great alternative to using gluten flour. I will be doing a post later on making banana flour and how to use it. Probably in September.

  5. Amazing! Here in the Netherlands we only buy them in the supermarket.

  6. Are the tiny bananas really much sweeter than the regular-sized ones or is it just in my head?

    1. Jerry, the tiny ones are sweeter than the regular sized ones. They have a bit of an apple taste to them, too.