Friday, July 27, 2012

Old Fashion Laundry Washing...

When my washer broke down...
it wasn't anything to get excited over

after all...
I still have my trusty laundry sink with it's own washboard and running water...
my laundry bar soaps and homemade liquid laundry soap (made from the bar soaps)
and bins large enough to hold bed sheets and towels

I love my washboard...
it works much better than any washing machine I've ever had

the sink is large and deep that gives me room for a bucket of water and...
scrubbing the dirtiest of the laundry on the washboard

it has a faucet for running water inside the sink...
and a hose faucet is connected to the sink pipe for duo work, such as...

filling the bin with soapy wash water...

and the rinse bin

to make the washing and rinsing easier...
I raised the bins on top of buckets, to make bending minimal 
(it works for my height of 5'2") 

it's a makeshift laundry facility...
but, I love to work outside under the cottage, with the cool breezes...
and listening to the chickens and the birds

so far...
I have not missed the modern machine

in fact, just take a look at the difference between these two mate socks
the one on the left was washed in the machine before it broke down...
the one on the right, I took and rewashed, scrubbing it on my washboard

what a difference! a lovely difference
now, that is something to get excited over

and I took notice that just about everything I washed by hand and washboard came much cleaner...
makes me wonder...
just how clean was our laundry from the modern "convenience"?
I told my husband from now on...
even if the machine does get fixed (which won't matter to me)...
only the very large items that don't get so dirty will go in the washer...
everything else will get nice and clean by hand

is it work?
of course...but, that doesn't keep me from enjoying working with my hands

the Lord has given me work to do...
and I hope to be doing it unto His glory

and while working with my hands...
it is a good time to meditate on...

For God is my King of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth - Psalm 74:12
Unto Thee, O God, do we give thanks, unto Thee do we give thanks:
for that Thy name is near Thy wondrous works declare - Psalm 75:1

May your day or night be graced in the Lord.


  1. Good for you for making a negative a positive!

  2. Jean,
    I love your spirit and the pictures are stellar. You have a wonderful eye behind that camera. When we lived overseas, I often washed by hand in the early was too cold to go outside - but a wonderful opportunity to slow down enough to mull over and be thankful for God's good gifts.
    Enjoy the outdoors, sounds lovely.
    Grace, peace and Joy,

  3. Boy...that was a trip down memory lane!! I suspect you're right about the washing being cleaner hand done....sometimes I think the stuff coming out of the dishwasher is cleaner when hand washed too. Have a clean weekend! joan

  4. Well, if anyone can work an old wash sink and find joy in doing laundry by hand, it is you my friend. You always have such a positive and uplifting attitude about everything.
    You are an inspiration!

    Happy weekend, my friend!


  5. I enjoy doing laundry but that kind of laundry would kill my back. It is great to honor God with the work of your hands! Love the set up. Soaking those whites in some bleach and adding blueing to your rinse would perk them up too.

  6. I had no idea washboards still existed! We just bought a new machine after the one we'd had for 21 years finally died. I admire your dedication. But your setting is so beautiful it might make any chore a joy. :o)

  7. My Grandmothers deep sink had the built in scrubber like yours. I thought of it when I started reading then saw your pics. My friend from India said the washing machines made in India are much better than usa made ones.

  8. Was looking for information on washboard peas when I came upon this blog. Love it. Brings back memories. I purchased a clothes line several years ago and love it. Love the smell of clothes brought in from outdoors. I never use softener because towels aren't as absorbent. Remember the old wringer washer and would love to have another one. I'm a pilgrim at heart and my dream is to be free of my suburban digs and return to a more rural life so I can have a garden yard, an outdoor kitchen and laundry area. Love being outside and miss the simple life.

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