Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Our chickens are range free and that means...
nutritious eggs, both inside and out

which means, I don't like to throw out the eggshells

there are 3 ways I use my eggshells

1. crushed up fine and mixed into my chickens' supplemental feed, in particular, for the egg laying hens
 2. crushed up into a powder and put into my dogs' food - they need their calcium also
3. crushed and put directly around my plants or infused along with weeds and grass for fertilizer

when infusing the eggshells with weeds and plant cuttings...
I let it steep for a few days in water...
to draw out the nutritional properties of both eggshells and plant cuttings
eggshell tea for my plants
my dogs and chickens like drinking it, too
when I do infuse fertilizer tea with plants, I'm careful not to put in things the animals won't eat
they seem to know what is toxic to them

my lemon balm plants seem to like eggshell tea quite well

May your day or night be infused in the grace of the Lord.


  1. You do have lovely eggs, your chickens are very good to you all! Still dreaming of the day we can have our own.

  2. We throw our eggshells out into the yard, then I step on them, then they get mowed. I like your tea idea.

    I like it when restaurants have Free Range Chicken. I always say, "I don't have much money today, so I'll have the 'Free' Range Chicken" They never laugh. To me that makes it even funnier!

  3. I always enjoy the things you share. It is delightful and helpful to read your ideas. I love your pictures as well. I will have to give your "tea" a try. Right now, We put our egg shells in the compost. We have a huge compost pile we are working on this year (most of it from our neighbor's draft horses). Our ground is very poor, and we are determined that by next spring, Lord willing, it will be greatly improved. I have had my mind on every variety of ways I can cook up my compost nicely. We just let our chickens out of summer jail (they have been penned up for the summer because they give themselves far too much liberty in the garden). Now that the garden is fading, and only a few things are at risk, and because I haven't planted any fall veggies this year, they are given a little liberty again. Our egg yolks (just after two days of freedom) were the most delightful orange color again this morning. Love the free range plan for chickens and hope to implement it more once we can get a few fences in the right places.

    Blesssings, Pam

  4. You are so right, Jean~ egg shells are too precious not to recycle them! I always feed mine back to my "girls". :)

  5. Hi Jean..
    Great ways to recycle egg shells!
    I've used them in the gardens before, but never as a suppliment to feed.

    If ever there was a girl that used and appreciated every single thing... it is you!
    You inspire me!

    warm wishes...