Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Island Postcard...

Where we love to stop and stare

click for larger picture

May your day or night be blessed in God's grace.


  1. Jean...I stopped and stared too. Lovely. Thanks for a glimpse of the sea.

  2. Thank you Jean for the comment at my blog. I really am not a political kind of gal -but, I do have my thoughts especially when the time rolls around to vote. It's such a scary place this world, eh? Like you said though it is in God I will place my trust, for it is he who puts the kings up or down no matter when we (I) live in a repulic country where we can cast our vote. The mysteries of our God will always keep us going:) Good thing that us men(women) are filled with folly so I shall praise our God who in perfection will select who he wants to be the next president.

    .... ah, so I called myself a no so political girl, hmmmm? Thank you for "listening."

    ... Beautiful Saturday Postcard!!
    Blessings & Peace, Deanna