Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goat Candy...

God gave to our Pilgrim's Farm...
not one...

not just two...

but, THREE!! goat kiddies now less than two weeks old

and they are taking the field by storm...
ruling on those rocks they love to romp and jump on

and not only did the Lord give us three kiddies...
but, three BOYS!!

Mama Farina came flying through with them on lovely colors

our first concern with three, turned out to be of no concern at all

with the comic scene of pushing and shoving and protests...


they learned the art of taking turns

Mama Farina makes sure they all get their fair share of milk...
and none seem to be the runt in the bunch

ah! the sweet things of farm life
goat candy

May your day or night be filled with the sweet candy of God's grace.


  1. How sweet they are!! Love the pictures~Happy New Year Love Heather

  2. They look like they would make great pets! If only they would stay small!

  3. A wonderful little family - is it better to have males? Perhaps you have enough females? Always interested in the way things work...for instance 3 bull calves over here would not be welcome!
    Wishing you and yours every blessing in 2013.

    1. Joyce, I truly hate to say it, but, we do raise meat when they turn out to be boys. Although we dislike having to butcher any of our animals, we wanted to get away from commercial meats. Our animals have a good life and are well cared for through the end, unlike the horrible conditions of commercial meat animals. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  4. Wow.. what a bunch of cuties!
    So happy for you .

    Looks like your New Year is off to a wonderful start.
    Hope it continues to be blessed and full of happiness.

  5. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the comments! Happy New Year to you too and all the best for you and yours!!

  6. Oh those pink noses, is there anything cuter? How fortunate for you all, a triple blessing!!! Very nice!

  7. They are SO cute!
    Happy New Year to you Jean!

  8. Oh, my, that last picture is the sweetest thing!!! How fun. Just stumbled on your blog from Casa Mariposa. Will check back again :-)

  9. adorable babies will you keep them all?

    1. Karen Deborah, we'd love to be able to keep all our goats, but we will probably have to sell them someday. We do raise meat, also, although we have been eating less meat as time goes by. We prefer raising our animals humanely and giving them a good life to the end, unlike commercial farm animals that often suffer from birth to slaughter. We treat our animals by the Lord's biblical standards and people around us here comment often that our animals are happy. I say this because I realize many people don't like the idea of butchering their own farm animals. Neither do we. Thanks for your visit and question!

  10. Just found your blog!
    Oh, those little goats are gorgeous! Cheeky little boys...
    Photos are superb.
    Blessings to you, too.
    x Alex