Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Island Postcard...

Where we like to walk with a cup of coffee Saturday mornings

May your weekend be filled with God's grace


  1. I can't even imagine getting to look at this every day! Wow!

  2. Oh Wow.... I could really handle having a cup of coffee on that beach every Saturday morning!!! That is so beautiful. And I love the garden in the previous post.. that 's going to be really nice (I think the chickens are liking it too.) Have a wonderful and Blessed Sunday.

    Yours Pam

  3. Amazing beauty!
    Wish I was there, with my toes in the sand :)

  4. Stunningly beautiful! Takes your breath away! You are blessed :-)

  5. How beautiful a place to enjoy a cup of coffee Jean! What a blessing from God to look at the ocean and see such a rich blue color. God is so good to us. He has given us all we need!