Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Growing Food...

We don't have too many ornamental plants on Pilgrim's Farm...
we prefer to grow what we can eat

our eggplants are flowering and producing some pretty tasty food

the carrots are coming up and doing fine, so far
I look forward to them, once again, including eating the green tops
I also put both carrots and their greens in our dogs' food

our newer passionfruit vine is climbing the fence eagerly and already putting out fruit
I love this fruit and it's tart/sweet taste...
especially, with some raw honey

we planted some sorrel/rosell (hibiscus sabdariffa) for homemade drink
you can see more of the sorrel in this post
the sorrel should be blooming by December or January

always, I have the sweet, chirping audience looking on

the papayas are doing fine and we've been eating them for breakfast and snacks

the guavas are becoming abundant, once again, on our trees

the lime trees are still giving plenty of juicy delight

and they really look so pretty all clustered together

it seems, that just about in every tree, busy finches are building their nests...
an almost perpetual activity here in the tropics

the oranges are showing great promise of fine garden dining

and our young breadfruit tree is glowing with sunkissed baby globes

I am getting hungry for another breadfruit pudding

the great pumpkin patch has grown so very large

and in no time...
is growing tiny pumpkins that will grow into big yummy fruit

we do like the pumpkin flowers fried in gluten-free batter...
they taste like pumpkin and are so good

the watermelon patch is giving us some hope of sweet, juicy crispness

and oh, the creamy sweetness of soursop makes for delicious ice cream and smoothies

and there we have a few of our foods from around the farm...
how the Lord blesses in such a delicious way!

May your day or night be blessed in the delicious food of God's grace.


  1. Wow! How wonderful that you grow so much of your food...delicious healthy food too!


  2. What a beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing your pix. I'm wanting lime-ade and it's coat weather here!!!
    Have a great day, Jean.
    Grace,Peace and Joy,

  3. "Too many ornamental plants"? I'm feeling so sorry for you Jean. In Nevada it's all sagebrush. I'll take anything that's green in my yard - even weeds! Haha! Beautiful pictures as always. Have a blessed day my friend.

  4. What beautiful fruit you have! You are blessed!! I'd love to have an arbor covered with passion fruit. When we have visitors I try to make sure they try this juice; this fruit here is called chinola!

  5. Oh I love your garden Jean. The beauty and color of all the wonderful plants. My mother had a big garden and it seems that the food we grew always tasted so much better than any store bought food. Thank you for sharing these pictures and the window on your world. Blessings my friend!