Tuesday, January 29, 2013


At 11 days old...
mama hen left off brooding over this egg

knowing there was a chick growing inside...
and not sure what to do...
I set the egg in a basket in some old linen with a lamp over it...
but, didn't clean it so as not to disturb the protective bloom on the eggshell

after another 10 days of watching and turning the egg...
if you look closely...

you can see the little crack at the bottom of the egg

much to my surprise and delight...
a tiny chick pipped her way into the world

I made sure she was completely detached from the egg on her own...
so as not to make a mistake in injuring her

at this point, I'm pretty sure she was imprinting herself on me as I cared for her

making sure she was kept well warm and out of drafts

she slept for the next few hours as she dried...
and imprinted even more on me

on the second day...
I took her outside to warm up with the sun
she took to it with a lift of her tiny wee wing

over the next couple of days...
I took her to the garden and we hunted for tiny worms

and she loved the sun some more

she eats well and drinks plenty of water

and now, everyday in the mornings...
she goes outside with me to the gardens and pecks her way around...
learning to see what is good to eat and what is not

today, she is growing feathers and acting chicken
I keep her in a cage with food and water when I cannot give her complete attention

later, when she is old enough...
she will be integrated into the rest of the flock...
free ranging to her heart's content

her name is Pippi

of course, she could be a he

someday in the not too distant future...
we shall find out : )

May your day or night be sweet in the grace of God.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Beach Postcard...

Where wild almond trees line the sandy beach...
and we can pick almond fruit by the bag, free

May your day or night find peace in God's grace.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lemongrass/Basil Tea...

Because we live on a tropical island where the temperature doesn't change much...
we are able to grow herbal plants year around                 

and since God put these herbs on earth for us as food and medicine...
they are far better for us than synthetic drugs that often cause problems in the long run

our gardens have plenty of lemongrass and basil growing right now...
and I love to use them for making one of my favorite teas

I find that combining them makes a palatable and healthy tea
both herbs are chock full of nutrients and medicinal properties
you can click on the links (the names) below for more useful information on them

both of these herbs are great for colds and the flu illnesses
both are anti-fungal and will help in controlling respiratory symptoms and pain

we don't hold back on the herbs here on Pilgrim's Farm
we make our teas strong, adding raw honey if needed

for an 8 cup pitcher...
8 cups of hot water, but not boiling
20 leaves of lemongrass
a big fistfull of basil leaves and flowers, if they are in bloom

crush the herbs well
this will bring out the oils in them for medicinal purposes

pour the hot water over the herbs in the pitcher
we steep our teas for a few hours
when ready to drink, the tea can be warmed up or iced if you live in warm climates

many times, I put in 6 teaspoons of black or green tea to the pitcher to make a hearty drink...
and put in enough raw honey to make the tea as sweet as we like

if you are convalescing from an illness...
make yourself a good pot of lemongrass and basil tea and enjoy this blessing from the Lord

And God said,
Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed,
which is upon the face of all the earth,
and every tree,
in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed;
to you it shall be for meat.

And to every beast of the earth,
and to every fowl of the air,
and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth,
wherein there is life,
I have given every green herb for meat:
and it was so.

And God saw every thing that He had made,
and, behold,
it was very good.
Genesis 1:29-31

May your day or night find goodness in the fruit of God's grace.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Beach Postcard...

When imperfect seashells look perfectly pretty as they are

May your day or night be perfectly pretty in God's grace.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Considering the Quiet and Simple Life...

Here on Pilgrim's Farm...
we live as quietly and simply as the Lord gives our living

we love that our Lord God has admonished us to study to be quiet...
to work with our hands, minding our own business

to do work that will bring us lack of nothing

we don't feel the need to get involved in the worldly affairs of politics...
or protests against what we feel has wronged us...
or fretting over the chaos and noise of the world's system and wickedness

we are keepers at home on the farm and in the cottage...
doing with our hands and minds what the Lord has given us to do

quietly, peacefully, working as hard as we need to...
and being good stewards as He has blessed us with

and as we work...
the Lord God blesses as He sees fit...
with whatever He increases for our needs

our purpose on earth as God's children and the sheep of Christ...
is to honor and glorify Him by His work of sovereign, saving grace 

knowing this...
we hold to the word of God which is the true food for our souls...
giving us the spiritual nutrition of the Bread of Life, our Lord Jesus Christ

1 Thessalonians 4:11,12

and that ye study to be quiet,
and to do your own business,
and to work with your own hands,
as we have commanded you;
that ye may walk honestly toward them that are without,
and that ye may have lack of nothing.
(King James Version)

and the Greek translation saying the same thing:

and to have as your ambition to be quiet
and to practice your own things
and to work with your own hands,
just as we commanded you,
in order that you may walk becomingly toward the ones outside
 and may have need of nothing.

May the Lord give the Bread of Life, for your healing, by His saving grace.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sorrel for Tea; Roses for Thee...

We sowed some sorrel (aka roselle hibiscus) seeds not long ago...
and the Lord grew them into wonderful edible plants for us

these hibiscus species with their high anti-oxidant properties are now being harvested as we need them
you can read a bit more about the sorrel hibiscus in this post
and the nutrient properties in this link

and our favorite way to use these gorgeous, waxy calyxes, is to steep them into tea

we love to steep cinnamon and cloves with the sorrel in good, hot water

and let the sorrel's cranberry/apple flavor sit for hours to draw out all that lovely taste and color
in the evenings at this time of year when the nights are cool...
we drink sorrel tea warm, and because it's a tart drink, we sweeten it with our raw honey

my rose bushes are blooming, and once they pass their prime...
I snip the blooms and bring them inside to enjoy before they lose all their beauty

our honeybees have been buzzing in and out of the roses...
and the chickens eat the petals that fall to the ground

the bunch I bring in, will sit in the kitchen, keeping me company as I work
and when kitchen work is completed...

the roses are placed where they can be noticed and not forgotten

and so, I share them with you for the moment, before they wither away forever

As for man, his days are as grass:
as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth.
Psalm 103:15

May your day or night be blooming in the fragrance of God's grace.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Chick Delight...

I'd say, we have some of the broodiest brooders on earth
they do so like to keep churning them out
one of our newest comers to the farm
so far, every black chick has turned out to be a hen
more eggs, please : )

May your day or night be soft and gentle in God's grace.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Beach Postcard...

Where we like to spend an occasional morning off the farm

May your day or night be blessed in God's grace.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cocoa/Coconut/Banana Brownie Cake...

Cocoa, coconut and bananas make a great combination for the taste buds

so...I wanted to try baking a brownie cake that would finish off...
an evening of listening to a reading of the Gospel of Matthew with my husband

because I must be gluten free...
I did make this cake with gluten-free flour
but, it can be made using the same recipe with regular flour

(this will make 6 3x3 inch size servings...double recipe for more)

1 cup of flour (any good gluten free mix of your choice)
1/2 cup coconut flour
1/4 cup cocoa
1 tsp baking powder (omit if your mix already has it)
1/4 tsp sea salt (omit if your mix already has it)
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1 cup of pecan or walnut pieces
2 bananas, mashed
2 large eggs, beaten
6 TB butter, melted
2 TB honey

heat up the oven to 350* F
butter and flour, with a bit of the cocoa, the baking pan

combine the wet ingredients, including the bananas, and mix together well

combine the dry ingredients, mix well

stir in the nut pieces into the dry mix
this will help the nuts from sinking or collecting in lumps in the dough

fold the dry mix into the wet mix, gently combining everything well

use a spatula to pour into the pan and spread the dough evenly

put into the oven and bake for 25 to 30 minutes
check at 25 minutes with a knife inserted into the middle
if it comes out clean, it is finished
if not, let it bake another 5 to 7 minutes


May your day or night be sweetened in God's grace.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Organic and Range-Fed...

We keep our cow and her calf out on the range that overlooks the sea

lots of food for the cows in a lot of space

it's a beautiful outlook from there and I always like to stop and just...well...look

our calf is growing fast and he has been fitted with his very own training rope

until he got used to it, he took my husband on some real "rides" down the road
he may be small, yet, but he packs a wallop of power in those young muscles

we have no real technicality to the way we milk
and we don't cut style with modern equipment

Ms. Ruthie Moo Moo just gets tied down for a bit...
just in case there is some head butting or back kicking

while her calf is brought to some other grazing for a few moments

a calf vying for the milk doesn't make for a good milking experience

husband cleans the udders with disinfectant

while Ms. Moo Moo gets busy with the banana bunch put down for her

she is not trying to pull away here...

she's just busy with enjoying her green bananas she loves so

she gladly lets her milk down for a bunch of bananas anytime

my husband has gotten quite good with the milking...
he prefers to use one hand and squirt the milk into a container that's been cut out on one side...
and then poured into the milk container

less dirt and such gets a chance to find their way into the milking container...
especially if Ms. Moo Moo happens to move

and no, I have not gotten around to milking the cow, myself, as yet
I prefer to milk the goat...
she's more my size

one side gets milked, then the other

once he's finished getting our share of the milk...
it's time to let the calf untied to get his share

and while she finishes up the last of the bananas, he's finishing up the rest of her milk

and we all live happily with everyone's share of raw, creamy milk

just another sweet blessing from the Lord who created all these things

May your day or night be delightful in the grace of God.